Ayurveda is an elaborate healing system of India, a science of life based on the laws of nature. Its derived from the Sanskrit words Ayur(life) and Veda(knowledge), it traces its origins to about 50 centuries. Prana Spa at Fragrant Nature Resort offers carefully designed Ayurveda experiences to treat, heal, restore and rejuvenate your health. You have varied choices to select from the list of Ayurveda experiences to tone the body and relax the mind. The program, administered by qualified therapists unfolds a holistic way of life wherein your wellness is perpetually restored. Pure, authentic preparations with our 'own-farm-grown' pesticide free food products are used to ensure maximum benefit for all treatments. Aroma fresh, our CSR initiate towards a healthy community vouches our commitment to develop and distribute safe, pure and nutrient balanced food across India.

Each program has a choice of authentic Ayurvedic treatments coupled with ancient Vedic wellness practices comprising of traditional oil massages, organic meals, yoga and meditation. These choices offer to rejuvenate the mind and body, and derive the benefits of India's time-honored science of healing.

7 nights Package

Room 01-Apr-2015 to 30-Sep-2015 01-Oct-2015 to 31-Mar-2016
Single Double Single Double
Lakeview Room 113750 156450 118440 161350
Premium Lakeview Room 125650 168420 126840 169750
Premium Lakeview Villa 179900 222460 203700 246470

14 nights Package

Room 01-Apr-2015 to 30-Sep-2015 01-Oct-2015 to 31-Mar-2016
Single Double Single Double
Lakeview Room 227500 312900 236880 322700
Premium Lakeview Room 251300 336840 253680 339500
Premium Lakeview Villa 359800 444920 407400 492940

21 Nights Package

Room 01-Apr-2015 to 30-Sep-2015 01-Oct-2015 to 31-Mar-2016
Single Double Single Double
Lakeview Room 341250 469350 355320 484050
Premium Lakeview Room 376950 505260 380520 509250
Premium Lakeview Villa 539700 667380 611100 739410

Treatments 7 Nights 14 Nights 21 Nights
Abhyangam 7 14 21
Elakizhi 2 5 11
Shirodhara 3 5 7
Ksheera Dhara 2 3 5
Njavara kizhi 2 5 7
Steam Bath 3 5 7
Nasyam 5 7 11
Udawarthanam 1 3 7
Face Pack 1 3 5
Purgation 1 1 2
Yoga 5 11 19

•  As Ayurvedic system of treatment is strictly personalized, the exact treatment and medicines would be fixed after detailed consultation with the doctor. The treatments, which are given along with the packages, may vary according to the body constitution and Condition. Prakrithi Analysis report would be presented at the end of the treatment.

•  The package includes Ayurveda meals as prescribed by the inhouse doctor, Herbal internal medicines, Return Airport/ Railway transfers (from Trivandrum International Airport/ Kollam/ TRV Railway Station) and all applicable taxes

•  Daily treatment sessions (duration approximately 75 to 90 minutes)

•  Yoga session of 60 minutes as per the program.

•  Uniquely prepared herbal oils suited for your body constitution will be used for massage.

•  If you have a previous medical history of heart disease, blood pressure, allergies, chronic skin diseases or asthma, please confirm at the time of consultation.

Personalized treatment plan will be advised by the doctor on assessing the individual's condition and requirement.


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