Monsoon in Kerala is one of the most enchanting travel experiences in India. With its plentiful vibrant grasslands, waterfalls and exquisite backwaters at its best throughout the rainy season, Kerala is fast emerging as a popular monsoon destination among domestic aswell asInternational travellers.

Kerala has predominantly two rainy seasons. The Southwest Monsoon in June is regionally known as Edavappathy, as it arrives by the mid of the month “Edavam” according to the Malayalam Calendar. Northeast Monsoon that arrives by Mid October is known as Thulavarsham(Meaning, Rains in the month of Thulam).

After the tropical summer heat and the dust, the monsoons are definitely a welcome change. The exhilarating smell of dry earth getting drenched and the delightful sound of splashing raindrops make monsoons a welcoming season for one and all. As mother nature recoups with rains, monsoon season is rejuvenation period for mankind as well. One major attraction of “God’s Own Country” during monsoon is its unique ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments which are popular among tourists all over the world. According to Ayurveda doctors,monsoon is the perfect time of year to experience ayurveda rejuvenation therapies. The untainted, moist atmosphere opens skin pores and makes them more responsive to herbal oils and massages. With its cool climate, opulence of natural herbs and medicinal plants during monsoons, Kerala is undoubtedly winning the attention of health-conscious modern traveller.?

Kerala is also widely admired and known for its tree houses in the thick of rainforests. God’s Own Country, is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes in every season, but becomes all the more lush and fascinating during the monsoons.

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