For centuries, Vaidyars (traditional practitioners of Ayurveda) were the only available doctors for every kind of diseases in Kerala. Unlike the other Indian states, Ayurveda in Kerala is not an alternative but mainstream. In fact, today, Kerala is the only state in India which practices this system of medicine with absolute dedication.

Ayurveda is a lifestyle, designed in a combination of therapies: Ayurvedic spa, massage and treatment. There are special offers on holiday packages to tone muscles, improve blood circulation, retard aging, provide good health & longetivity, refresh, rejuvenate and relax your whole body. Profound results from each of the different treatments are real testimonies to the efficacy of this ancient Indian medicine.

‘Ashtangahridayam’, the practical, user friendly interpretation of Ayurveda, compiled by the great ‘Vagbata’ is hardly used anywhere in the world like it is extensively done in Kerala. The Vaidyars of Kerala are proficient in this most contemporary treatise of Ayurveda which many scholars consider an advancement over the earlier samhitas of Charaka and Sushruta, the pioneers of Ayurveda. The therapists are knowledgeable, responsive and very supportive in administering treatment between doctor and patient. Miracles like walking after being paralyzed and curing the incurable happens even today, drawing respect and awe for the Vaidyars of Kerala.

These days, “Ayurveda holidays” are getting popular across the globe, combining holiday breaks in laid back ambiences that do not have the trappings of a hospital treatment. The joy of being around caring professionals is surely an experience!

And that’s only a handful of the ‘Backwater Retreats’ that Kerala offers to the most discerning.

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