Today the entire world is faced with an extremely frightening and unprecedented calamity which has retarded world progress by nearly 30 years . Nevertheless, we at fragrant nature foresee a ray of hope and a splendid opportunity to bring; you, our revered patron, closer to us and forge a more rewarding relationship than ever before.

At this juncture, wishing the corona virus effect away would merely be wishful thinking, and hence we have decided to take the bull by its horn, so to say, and put into practice our own set of protocols in addition to those mandated by WHO as well our central and state governments; so that you, our invaluable guest will truly be able to enjoy our hospitality without any disquiet whatsoever regarding the safety and wellbeing of your family and your own self, when with us.

For more than a decade we have been taking meticulous care of you whenever you chose to enjoy our hospitality, a step further now, we shall cosset/pamper you like you have never been before.

The vehicle/car which brings you to our doorstep is disinfected inch by inch and your driver is checked and double checked for any infection. This apart, a transparent partition between the driver and passenger cabin is also provided, to ensure further safety in addition to distanced sitting arrangement as stipulated.

Welcoming you has been a traditional custom which always made you feel ever so special. The same continues with yet more elaborate measures to add safeness to the occasion and thereby expel any anxiety that you might have about staying with us, be it for pleasure or business.

The bell captain and his team all spick and span and completely sanitized themselves will sanitize all your properties before they lay a finger on it, lest through it some form of covid-19 or any such other element follows you into the resort from outside.

At the virus free maintained welcome desk/ check in counter the warm and pleasant, nevertheless exacting front office staff double check / repeat procedures to ensure that there has been no lapses whatsoever at the earlier check points.

As far as possible all financial transactions will be in digital format so as to lessen the probability of infection through cash transactions.

Elevator buttons and elevators are frequently sanitized to make sure that here also the protection shield is maintained. Elevators shall not carry more than 4 guests at a time.

Your room, from corner to corner is methodically sanitized twice in a day, usinganti- viral and safe disinfectants. COVID 19 protocol signage as well as sanitizer is provided in every room to constantly help you be vigilant and secure.

Your dresses and clothes will be laundered using anti-viral detergents and delivered as per strict safety measures.

Every restaurant in the resort strictly adheres to social distancing norms as prescribed. Even the hand menu card is in digital format so that apprehensions regarding viral transmission through menu cards are kept at bay.

Furthermore, all the restaurant staff repeatedly undergo stringent safety procedures even when on duty.

All these procedures are fastidiously undertaken to unfailingly ensure that you truly enjoy dining at the restaurant.

Despite the fact that we would love having you dine at our food outlets, we do very well understand that you may prefer to dine within the safety of your room. You are most welcome to do so, if you so desire.

A large percentage of all our raw materials requirement are sourced from our own farms and production facility where all prevalent COVID 19 protocols are thoroughly followed. All of our other vendors are also subjected to rigid safety rules.

Even so, severe safety checks and counter checks are applied at our purchase, receiving and stores departments.

Protocol signages are displayed at all prominent spots and circulating areas within the resort premises to continuously remind our own staff as well as our invaluable patrons, of our collective responsibility to strike off not only COVID 19 but all similar threats from our lives and bring about brighter and cheer filled times.

When with us you can well and truly be assured that we have taken each and every step, and engaged all possible means to ascertain that your stay with us is totally safe and peaceful all the way.

** Our Spa and Bar facilities will be temporarily not operational due to covid-19 protocols.

We have set the stage; we await your honoured/ graceful presence.

We endeavour, for your safety.

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