Prana Wellness Spa in Kollam

A massage table in the Spa at hotel Fragrant Nature Kollam

At Fragrant Nature Kollam, Prana Spa stands as a sanctuary of wellness and rejuvenation, epitomising the finest spa experience in Kollam. Open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Prana offers a retreat for those seeking to unwind and revitalise.

Our range of treatments includes traditional Ayurvedic massages, Western-style massages, and an array of beauty services such as facials, body polishes, scrubs, pedicures and manicures, each designed to soothe and refresh your body and mind. The spa features luxurious showers, a steam room and a relaxing sauna in Kollam.

The on-site salon at Prana extends our pampering services, offering facials, pedicures and manicures, ensuring you leave feeling polished and renewed.

Yoga at Fragrant Nature Kollam

Explore the world of Yoga & Wellness at Fragrant Nature in Kerala, South India. Our serene haven offers an authentic Yoga experience beyond the ordinary retreat.

Discover an idyllic destination that combines Yoga with Ayurveda. Our in-house Ayurvedic Doctor provides therapies and our Yoga sessions by the lakeside include daily practice, meditation, consultations and posture correction. Immerse yourself in Yoga amidst six acres of nature, with multiple meditation spots.

Experience Yoga at Fragrant Nature Kollam, where spirituality and wellness harmonise for a truly enriching journey.

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Ayurveda at Fragrant Nature Kollam

A woman getting a massage hotel Fragrant Nature Kollam

Experience Ayurveda at Fragrant Nature Kollam, where Prana Wellness Spa offers meticulously crafted Ayurvedic wellness programmes for holistic rejuvenation. Our spa combines traditional Panchakarma therapies, oil massages, organic cuisine, yoga and meditation to harmonise the mind and body. With a commitment to health and sustainability, we use Fragrant Nature's own pesticide-free food products.

Dive into India's time-honoured science of healing and discover the benefits of authentic Ayurvedic treatments in beautifully designed therapy rooms. Explore Ayurveda's ancient wisdom in the tranquil setting of Fragrant Nature Kollam, Kerala, India.