Experiences at Fragrant Nature Cochin


Fort Kochi Beach

Serene shores, historic charm, vibrant sunsets and cultural vibrancy make it a must-visit destination in Cochin.



Cultural diversity, spice markets and colourful architecture offer a captivating experience in this charming Cochin neighbourhood.


Jewish Synagogue

Centuries-old heritage, intricate architecture and rich history await visitors in Cochin's historic synagogue precinct.

Dutch Palace2

Dutch Palace

Exquisite murals, architectural splendour and Dutch colonial legacy make it a captivating attraction in Cochin.

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Dutch Cemetery

Historical resting place, serene ambience, colonial gravestones and maritime legacy offer a glimpse into Cochin's past.

Jew town

Jew Town

Bustling markets, antique shops and rich Jewish heritage create a vibrant atmosphere in historic Cochin.


Chinese Fishing Nets

Traditional fishing methods, stunning sunsets and bustling waterfront characterise this unique attraction in Cochin.

St.Francis Church

St. Francis Church

Serene ambience, colonial architecture and spiritual significance embody the charm of Cochin's oldest European church.

Cathedral Basilica

Cathedral Basilica

Religious significance, intricate architecture and spiritual solace define the Cathedral Basilica, a revered landmark in Cochin.


Spice Walk (Bazaar road, spice warehouses and more)

Vibrant markets, exotic flavours and cultural immersion await on this captivating exploration of Cochin's spice heritage.

Indo Portuguese museum, Maritime museum

Indo-Portuguese Museum, Maritime Museum

Historical artefacts, architectural marvelsĀ and seafaring tales come to life, celebrating Cochin's history and maritime legacy.

Cookery session with Chef

Cookery Session with Chef

Hands-on experience, gourmet delights and expert guidance promise a delightful exploration of local flavours in Cochin.

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Tuk-Tuk Ride Through the Narrow Streets of Fort Kochi

Bustling streets, cultural immersion and vibrant sights await as you explore Fort Kochi's narrow lanes in style.


Kathakali / Kalaripayattu

Traditional performances, ancient art forms, mesmerising moves and cultural richness offer an immersive experience in Cochin's heritage.


Kumbalangi Tourism Village

Scenic backwaters, eco-friendly experiences and authentic village life await in this serene getaway near Cochin.

Kodanad elephant training centre

Kodanad Elephant Training Centre

Gentle giants, immersive experiences and conservation efforts provide a unique encounter with elephants near Cochin.


Backwater Trips

Tranquil waters, lush landscapes, houseboat journeys and serene escapades offer a mesmerising experience exploring Cochin's picturesque backwaters.